Climate-friendly Cuisine Project is carried out with five different organizations from four countries. The project partners are from Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Türkiye.

Climate and Environment Association Europe (CERA Europe ASBL) is a Brussels-based NGO operating on a European scale to tackle environmental issues and the climate crisis. In the face of these problems, CERA Europe carries out projects, research, training and develops local, national and international collaborations in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and EU Green DEAL targets.

Cerseo is a training agency accredited by the Piedmont Region in and since 2014, for GUIDANCE activities. Since 2019 it is Quality certified (ISO 9001:2015) and since November 2021 it has been accredited for the Employment Services. Since 2021 the center has obtained the Erasmus accreditation - FP sector, as coordinator of a Regional Consortium of 7 VET Institutes from Piemonte - Italy, so as to be able to give students the opportunity to carry out alternation programs abroad. 2 from our consorted school are of agricultural address (tourism, restaurants, cooking and food industry, so every year, particular attention is given to their training).

Associazione Kora was founded in August 2015 to promote social and cultural awareness for its members (mainly youth) through outdoor life, socialisation opportunities, nutrition and sustainability. Kora is situated in Passignano sul Trasimeno in the educational farm “La Buona Terra”, where it collaborates with other entities who have their activities on the farm. Kora was founded to offer activities that neither the cooperative nor the agricultural company can carry out.

Jump to Green (JG) is a Dutch NGO based in Zaandam which operates across the EU. JG's objectives include carrying out training and awareness-raising activities on environmental issues, developing scientific-based research and conservation projects, establishing local, national and international collaborations to support the development of sustainable business models, carrying out activities supporting and disseminating activities that will contribute to sustainable development, carrying out initiatives and projects related to green entrepreneurship, green economy and sports entrepreneurship.

The Leaf Association was established in Istanbul in order to increase the impact of young nature volunteers who work together in Turkey and different countries of Europe by institutionalizing their works, reaching new volunteers in Turkey, to reach the globally determined sustainable development goals. Leaf Association continues to develop projects in order to produce permanent and sustainable solutions to the environmental problems that exist globally with its experienced field team and ever-growing volunteer team with 115 people in 12 cities.

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