Training Program

Climate-friendly Cuisine Project is carried out with five different organizations from four countries. The project partners are from Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Türkiye.

Climate Friendly Cuisine Professional Development Training Program

Discover a world of culinary innovation and sustainability with our vocational training program booklets. Crafted for food industry professionals, chefs, trainers, and culinary enthusiasts, these booklets are designed to elevate skills, broaden capacities, and deepen knowledge.

Biodiversity, Local Materials and Local Production

Climate Friendly Reciped and Ingredients

Food Security and Sustainability in the Kitchen

Reducing Food Loss and Waste

What's Inside
Embark on a modular journey, spread across four topics, exploring key modules that merge experience with pedagogical finesse. Each booklet is a digital companion, offering not just theoretical insights but practical guidance. The meticulously curated content empowers you to make a positive impact in the kitchen and beyond.
Why Explore
• Gain new skills and insights tailored for the kitchen and food industry.
• Foster sustainability through informed practices.
• Reduce food waste and embrace climate-friendly recipes.
• Connect with the essence of local produce and biodiversity
How to Use
Simply navigate through the booklets, and immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a culinary student, these resources are your gateway to a more sustainable and skilled culinary journey.
Start Exploring Now:
Click on each booklet to discover. Empower yourself with the tools to create a culinary future that’s both delectable and sustainable.
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